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Landmark Baptist Church uses the Awana curriculum during the school months. Awana offers Christ centered teaching for children up through High School.
Student Life
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Like John Fox's book of martyr stories, Martyrs Mirror tells the tales of those, beginning with Christ's apostles, who were willing to stand alone for a simple, obedient faith. This classic 1660 Dutch book memorializes the godly lives and glorious deaths of European Anabaptist martyrs between 1524 and 1660 and thousands of other early Christians. The compiler T.J. Van Braght draws on the work of other historians, such as John Fox (who even tried to defend some of the jailed martyrs in this book).
Missionary Baptist Seminary
The goal of the Missionary Baptist Seminary is to equip God-called men and Christian workers in the truths of the Word of God. The seminary will give you a panoply of tools for you to uncover the unsearchable riches of the Bible. When you finish your studies at the seminary, you will be trained on how to think for yourself. You will get one of the finest Bible educations in the entire world. The seminary has a charter from the state of Arkansas allowing the seminary to confer degrees on those who complete their studies and are approved by the faculty. You can receive a two year Associate's degree, a four year Theology or Language degree and a Master's degree. You can also enter into the Doctorate program by the approval of the faculty. The Missionary Baptist Seminary is owned by Antioch Baptist Church.
Bible Research
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a resource for the learner
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