Hebrew Study

Leader: Timothy Evans Carter

Dear Student:

Just some thoughts about Hebrew study. If you are involved in the class, great! If you're interested, also great! Before you proceed, a few things I would like for you to consider,

                         You will be taught HOW to USE Hebrew first!

                         You will be taught the Essential tools for USING Hebrew!

    You will Not be taught "two" languages: The Hebrew text and The Masoretic Pointing System.

This course will De-Emphasize Masoretic Vowel Pointing! What is Masoretic Vowel Pointing, you ask? Well, a long time ago-long after the inspired Hebrew text was written in Consonantal Form-some well intending religious people thought it was inappropriate for the Hebrew Bible to be mispronounced, that is, for the Hebrew words not to be pronounced as they believed Hebrew words should be pronounced. Hebrew was arrayed with an elaborate vowel system that assured proper vocalization. Fortunately for you, you have come across a course whose instructor recognizes the Masoretic Vowel System for what it is, and has been: Another layer that needs only be peeled back to afford student access to the Inspired Text! Wow! how great is that? Hebrew is a dead language with tools today that guarantee accurate translation! 

Further, you will be encouraged to use tools: Lexicons, Analyticals, Software, Parsing Guides, Indices to Lexicons, etc. Also, you will be shown how to cross reference these tools for easy verification. No individual, subjective translation will be found necessary or even desired! Those of you, like most, have probably been taught that you can't USE Hebrew until you KNOW Hebrew...that is just not the case. Imagine the audacity of our use today of highly technical devices and highly mechanized machinery: My Mother uses a "car" while knowing nothing about its repair, maintenance, design; neither, the engineering, physics, science, or technology involved. But, when it comes to USING Greek or Hebrew you can hear (and may be thinking) "I don't know Hebrew or Greek." A diabolical scheme has been, and remains, in play against the use of Bible languages. You can learn to use language tools to produce translations even more accurate than those widely publicized versions of today or centuries ago! The tools have never been more readily available for use than today! Sign up, join in, enjoy the course!


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